women do not want diamonds keep it simple and romantic

I recently was asked a very interesting question which made me think quite intensely about the state of affairs of romance and intimacy in today’s society. Someone asked me: Do women still like receiving romantic love letters? I have to admit, I chuckled at the statement before catching myself and really pondering the depth of the question. I never really thought about it before, I mean, who really has? But once I did I could not help but feel a little nostalgic with visions of knights and shinning armor dueling for a woman’s hand and wondering where it all went. There was a time when being romantic and creatively finding ways to display your love was what it was all about.
With technological advances and the invent of email, social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and the Iphone, people have lost touch with the human side of romance and intimacy. It really blew my mind and I do not believe that I have ever taken the time to sit down and express to my partner what they mean to me in a romantic love letter or attempted to chivalrously woo her and win her over with a written declaration of my admiration. What happened to those times? I do not dare suggest that we are less civilized than we were or that women need this type of adoration, but I wondered how others felt about such a romantic custom and tradition so blatantly being swept to the road side so I asked my friend and family members how that felt about this and I ran into some incredibly interesting comments.
From my personal poll of women’s feelings on the subject there was one universal truth that stood out dramatically. This was repeated over and over again by many different ladies and, I feel, best states the general attitude of many women on the topic. It was that women do not need this overt show of affection but, you know what, they still love it! Anything to brighten their day, put their mind at ease, or give them those warm tingly sensations of closeness and intimacy really are on point. A break in the day from their work which takes their mind off of all of the other stress and anxiety they face today is a very welcome distraction. Women work as hard or even harder than men do these days so it is my suggestion to you that they do need love letters and they need them frequently; maybe more so now than ever. The pressures and demands on women have increased exponentially over time and they do more than just look after the kids and wait at home for their man to come home from work.
One thing I will also say is that a romantic love letter will never fail to impress if you put your heart into in. If you are looking to score points or just simply ignite passion between you and you lover, a love letter will do it provided you avoid obvious and above average levels of cheesiness. Women love a little cheese but they do not want to drown in it! Be sincere and not sappy and you will be rewarded greatly for it. Be thoughtful and giving of compliments but not so much so that you appear to have an alternate and hidden agenda in the works. Honest and loving romantic letters which come from the heart will never fail in touching a woman’s heart or be unwelcome.
We many times think that women will want the most expensive and fanciest thing out there and this is, again, because of the nature of our society these days, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Women may like the shiny jewelry, the designer bags and European shoes but what they want more is to feel loved, wanted, and secure in their relationship. A bag may do that on the surface and for a very brief period of time but nothing builds love and trust or strengthens a relationship more than communication and the expression of feelings. A love letter is a sweet, romantic and extremely intimate way of tell her that you care and love her. Do not assume that more expensive is always better. A diamond ring is great but the true essence and meaning behind that diamond ring can be conveyed through the loving and sincere words of a romantic love letter.
So, the jury is in and all signs strongly point to the fact that women love little romantic love letters or notes. They make her feel wanted and loved and at the same time express your feelings. They show her that you care enough to take the time to write something down and that probably means more than the words yourself because, lets face it, in today’s world o body take the time to put pen to paper unless they truly feel passionate about the topic…or they are getting sued! No just kidding! But it is true that it does take a certain level of commitment and desire to sit down and creatively express yourself and that truly means the world to her!